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                                                         Alan Alda (the MASH cast)


                                                         American Idol Judges (Simon & Paula)


                                                         Angelina Jolie


                                                         Austin Powers


                                                         Barbara Streisand - Vegas based


                                      Bette Midler


                                                         Bono (from U2)




                                                         Brad Pitt


                                                         Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie


                                                         Britney Spears


                                                         Camilla Parker Bowles


                                                         Celine Dion




                                                         Chris Rock


                                                         Clint Eastwood - Utah based


                                                         Dolly Parton


                                                         Dr. Phil McGraw


                                                         Drew Carey - PA based


                                                         Fran Dresher - Vegas based


                                                         Harrison Ford/Indiana Jones


                                                         Howard Stern


                                                         Howie Mandel - Frisco based


                                                         Jack Nicholson


                                                         Jennifer Aniston


                                                         Jim Carrey


                                                         Joan Rivers


                                      Johnny Depp 1


                                                         Johnny Depp 2


                                                         Capt. Jack Sparrow - desert based


                                                         Katie Holmes


                                                         Kramer (Michael Richards) - San Diego based


                                                         Larry King - NY based


                                                         Little Richard 1 - (Video) - Hawaii based


                                                         Little Richard 2 - L.A. based


                                                         Madonna - NY based


                                                         Martha Stewart


                                                         Mimi (from The Drew Carey Show)


                                                         Nicole Kidman - FL base


                                                         Paris Hilton- (Video)  


                                                         Ray Charles


                                                         Reba McEntire - (Video available upon request)


                                                         Robert DeNiro


                                                         Robert Redford - San Diego based


                                                         Robin Williams 1- (Video) - L.A. based


                                                         Robin Williams 2- TX based


                                                         Robin Williams 3- Las Vegas based


                                                         Roseanne - NY based


                                                         Steven Spielberg


                                                         Stevie Wonder


                                                         Tina Turner- (Video)


                                                         Tiger Woods


                                                         Tom Cruise


                                                         Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes


                                                         Tom Hanks  - NY based


                                                         Whoopi Goldberg


                                                         Will Smith - S. CA based



A - B - C - D - E  -F - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - P - R - S - T - W


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