legendary and classic film stars joining your event and greeting guests!



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Most celebrities listed can also be found in our photo gallery below:

(Listed alphabetically by first name *)


                                                         Alfred Hitchcock


                                                         Audrey Hepburn


                                                         Barbra Streisand - Vegas based


                                                         Bette Davis


                                                         Bob Hope - AZ based


                                                         Clark Gable


                                                         Dean Martin - (Video) - Vegas based


                                                         Desi Arnaz - FL based


                                                         Ed Sullivan  - NY based


                                                         Elvis Presley 1 - Palm Springs based


                                                         Elvis Presley 2 - Vegas based


                                                         Frank Sinatra - (Video)- Las Vegas based


                                                         Fred & Ginger


                                                         The Honeymooners


                                                         The Honeymooners Cast


                                                         Humphrey Bogart


                                                         Ingrid Bergman


                                                         Jackie Gleason


                                                         Jerry Lewis


                                                         Judy Garland


                                                         Kathryn Hepburn


                                                         Liza Minnelli 1 - Vegas based


                                                         Liza Minnelli 2 - Vegas based


                                                                            Liz Taylor


                                                         Lucille Ball - (Video)


                                                         Marilyn Monroe 1 - (Video)


                                                         Marilyn Monroe 2


                                                         Rat Pack - Vegas based


                                                         Ray Charles


                                                         Rudoph Valentino


                                                         Sammy Davis Jr. - Vegas based


                                                         Sophia Loren


                                                         Sonny and Cher


                                                         Zsa Zsa & Eva Gabor




Classic & Silent Movie Stars:



                                                         Abbot and Costello


                                                         Charlie Chaplin


                                                         Gloria Swanson (as Norma Desmond)


                                                         Groucho Marx


                                                         Laurel & Hardy


                                                         Mae West


                                                         Marx Brothers


                                                         Rudolph Valentino


                                                         W.C. Fields



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